The right fitness training program for you

You may have spent a good amount of time looking for a fitness training program that perfectly meets your needs. You probably want something that you could stick with and something that would actually work to get you into better shape than what you have been in lately.

Most people find something that would work for a week or a month, but for one reason or another, there was always something that stopped the program from working. For example, outdoor training can be great when the weather is nice outside, but most of us live in four-season climates, so in the winter when it can drop to 0 degrees, or during the summer, when it can get up into the 90s, who wants to work out in those kinds of temperatures?

There is also the issue of high-impact workouts. For some people, even simple but repetitive exercises such as jogging or swimming can put an undue amount of stress on joints. Some people have trouble with weight training and the necessary stress on wrists, shoulders or elbows.

The best fitness program should involve cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility training.

Some people find that if they have problems with joint stress, the best cardiovascular training for them is a sit-down exercise bike. Bikes will put just a small amount of stress on most joints, and because you can adjust the resisitance, you may be able to pedal for up an hour without suffering cramps or uncomfortablility.

Strength training may involve just using lower weights and doing more repetitions. You can work on the major arm, shoulder, chest and back muscle groups with free weights, combine sit-ups and crunches and leg lifts if you can for your strength training routine.

Make sure you start with your flexibility training and stretching. Lots of people rush through the stretching part of the program, but it's an important part of your fitness training routine. Being limber and fit can help you get through the day's activities.




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